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We specialize in stock nature photos with an emphasis on the natural sciences and earth sciences. We provide stock nature photography of plants and animals, animal behavior, habitat and ecosystems, environmental issues, weather, and other natural concepts and processes.

Stock Nature Photos, Photo, Stock Photos Stock Nature Photography, puffball mushrooms, autumn

Easy to Search and Purchase Nature Photos

Use our "Keyword Search" and "Search by Subject" categories to view our stock nature photos for sale. We recognize the importance of accurate identification of nature subjects, concepts, and processes. Our "keywording" is intended to help you easily search by common and Latin names of plants and animals, and to search for stock nature photos that represent natural and earth science concepts and processes.  We make it easy to search, view, and purchase our stock nature photos via our partner Alamy. 

Even if you don’t know what you’re looking for we hope our stock nature photos provide you with a moment of enjoyment of nature’s wonders.

Stock Nature Photos, Photo, Stock Photos Stock Nature Photography, swans, heart photograph

Great for Editorial, Commercial, and Personal Use

We have been supplying stock nature photos to the editorial and commercial markets for over 40 years.  With the addition of our partner Alamy, our stock nature photos can now be easily purchased for personal use to create beautiful note cards, calendars, wall art, or to use in a PowerPoint presentation. Or chose one of our photos as a screen saver for a moment of serenity in a busy day.   

Using stock photos can save you time and money. Instead of having to travel to distant locations to find the right photograph, simply use our "Keyword Search" or "Search by Subject" to find the perfect stock nature photo. All stock photos can be easily viewed and purchased via our partner Alamy.  

We invite you to take-a-look at a Panther Chameleon from Madagascar...take cover from storm clouds forming over Lake Superior... look at a predator, the Great Gray Owl balance atop a treetop ... view a Cicada emerging from its nymphal skin ... and take care not to step on an American Alligator.

Our stock nature photographer, Bruce Montagne, has captured the essence of our photography with these words, "Nature is full of intriguing stories. They spring from things I see and events I witness. They may be told by storm tossed beach stones, an accepting red fox family, a silent boreal forest in mid-winter or a common loon swimming through a summer sunrise. By spending time with my subjects and slowing my pace, I uncover these stories using my camera just as a writer uses a pen". 

Our stock nature photographers have an interest in the natural sciences and enjoy capturing a moment in nature. Their works have been published in Audubon, Discovery, Field and Stream, National Geographic World, National Parks and Conservation, National Wildlife,  Ranger Rick, Sierra Club, and The World Wildlife Fund, as well as many other magazines, books, and calendars.