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We specialize in stock nature photos with an emphasis on the natural sciences and earth sciences.  Our photography includes, but is not limited to, images of plants and animals, habitats and ecosystems, geological formations and features, human ecology, the seasons, and weather.

We have been supplying stock nature photography to the editorial and commercial markets for over 40 years.  Our stock nature photos can also be purchased for individual use.  You can create beautiful note cards, calendars, and wall art.  Great for screen shots and PowerPoint projects.

We make it easy to search for stock nature photography via our partner Alamy.  Use our "Keyword Search" and "Search by Subject" categories to view our stock nature photos for sale.  Our "keywording" is intended to help you easily search by common and Latin names of plants and animals.  Search for images that represent natural and earth science concepts and processes.  Please feel free to Contact Us if you have questions.  Our field biologist/naturalist can help.  

Even if you don’t know what you’re looking for, we hope our photography provides you with a moment of enjoyment. 


Royalty-free VIDEO available in HD and 4K format

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We specialize in royalty-free stock nature video. Our emphasis is on the natural sciences and earth sciences. We provide stock video of plants and animals, animal behavior, habitat and ecosystems, human ecology, and other natural concepts and processes such as sublimation and guttation.  We make it easy to search, view, and purchase our royalty-free stock video via our partner Pond5. 

Use our royalty-free video to create your own story. Our stock video can be used as a single clip or combine several to produce your own movie.  Need 15 seconds of extra footage to add to your movie?  Check out our video - great for B-roll. 

Our stock nature video is available in both high-definition and 4K formats.  Use our “Keyword Search” and “Search by Subject” to view our royalty-free videos.  Our keywording is geared to the user looking for natural science concepts and processes.  However, if you have questions please feel free to Contact Us for assistance. Our field biologist/naturalist is here to help you. It is important to us that you are obtaining the right video for your project.  We continue to add new stock nature videos weekly. 




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