American Bison (Bison bison) mother and calf, Western USA



Bruce Montagne, nature photographer, has been creating images in some of the most beautiful and wild locales of the United States and Canada for more than twenty-five years.  His images have taken him from the wildly eroded canyon country of Utah to the Northwest Territories' remote barren lands where he canoed 150 miles on one of North America's wildest rivers.  Whether lying face to face with baby harp seals on pack ice in the Gulf of St. Lawrence or walking with Yukon grizzlies, he captures images transcending the visible.

As a young boy, Montagne held a deep curiosity and sense of wonder about the natural world. Today, as a wildlife photographer, that childlike fascination is still evident in his images,. "I have never been satisfied with just producing postcard scenics and wildlife portraits for identification guides."

​"Nature is full of intriguing stories.  They spring from things I see and events I witness.  They may be told by storm tossed beach stones, an accepting red fox family, a silent boreal forest in mid-winter or a common loon swimming through a summer sunrise. By spending time with my subjects and slowing my pace, I uncover these stories using my camera just as a writer uses a pen".

For more than a dozen years Montagne wandered the wild, rugged shores of Lake Superior capturing thousands of images of its majestic landscapes and resident wildlife.  From snowshoeing in wind chills of -85°F to paddling its summer shores, the region holds endless inspiration for him.  His compelling images and rich narrative can be found in the 160-page coffee table  book "Lake Superior Secrets".

Bruce's images have been widely published by clients including Canadian Geographic, National Wildlife, Birder's World, Smithsonian, Sierra Club, Audubon, World Wildlife Fund, The Nature Conservancy, Discovery, Reader's Digest, Midwest Living and many others.  His images have received awards in Nature's Best and National Parks magazines as well as the prestigious BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition.