Stock Photography/Video Specializing in Natural Sciences

Dembinsky Photo Associates (DPA) is a family owned business that has been supplying photography and video (more recently) for over 30 years.  Marvin Dembinsky, the owner, is a life-long field biologist, science educator, professional photographer/videographer.  He has a teaching certificate in Biology and Earth Science and a Masters in Environmental Education.  DPA represents several professional photograpers/videographers which provide high-quality stock nature photos and video. 

Easy to Search and Purchase Stock Photography and Video

Our photography and video can be easily searched and purchased via our partners Alamy and Pond5.   

We still recognize and honor all of our previously negotiated Vendor Agreements.  Please contact us for revisions, updates, and renewals to such agreements.​

Love of Nature Photography and Videography

 Our knowledge of the natural sciences and love of photography and video guides us in providing both a big picture and close-up view of natures' wonders.  We specialize in metadata (keyword) searches that reflect natural science concepts.